Jaco Pastorius Bass Sound

A friend loaned me a late 70’s Bass Player issue featuring an interview with Jaco Pastorius. In it was his description of how he first defretted and epoxied his 1962 Fender Jazz bass. I acquired a Yamaha P-Bass knock off, and inspired by Jaco’s descriptions, I did some research online to see if others had ventured into the thought of defretting. Petit’s Polypoxy as mentioned in the Jaco article was nowhere to be found. I experimented with many different kinds of epoxy…and something just didn’t seem right. Then I came across this pdf from Ultimate Guitar Tone | DIY Musician Resource – Home. This guy did his homework, and though it took a few days patiently moving step by step, my yamaha is now a fretless, and since I put in some Seymour Duncan jazz Pickups, my lackluster bass sounds and feels like  Just thought I’d share the link.

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