Jaco Pastorius Bass Rig

┬áThe following is an interview between Johnny Pastorius, Jaco’s oldest son and president of Jaco Pastorius Inc., and Larry Hartke, founder of “Hartke” bass systems. Residing as this month’s home page feature, this interview should clear up any and all questions as to just what Jaco’s relationship was with Hartke. As told by Larry Hartke, there was a legitimate relationship, and here is his story.Jacohad listened to our studio monitor prototype and was aware of the strength and clarity of the bass in the design. He asked if the aluminum speakers could be used in a bass cabinet. Being a bass player myself, I had thought of the concept a few times before, but it was Jaco who actually inspired us to build a bass prototype. Ron and I designed and tooled some 10″ cones, built the drivers, put them in a modified SVT cabinet, and took it to Jaco at the “Bottom Line” in New York. He used the cabinet that night and every night from then on as far as I know.

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