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Born John Francis Pastorius III on December 1st 1951 in Norristown PA. Jaco,
as he would be known, was the eldest of three boys of Jack and Stephanie
Pastorius. Jack, a professional jazz drummer/singer, was also Jaco’s first musical
influence. Through his father’s extensive record collection a young Jaco was
exposed to all of the greats of the big band/swing era. On any given day the
Pastorius household would be alive with the sounds of Sinatra, Bennet, Nat
King Cole, or The Dorsey Brothers. Jaco also took after his father by taking up
playing drums at an early age. Starting out playing with his father’s sticks on a
set of old bongos, Jaco would eventually buy a full set of drums with the money
he earned from delivering newspapers. With the seed planted, Jaco’s interest in
music would steadily grow.
In 1959 the Pastorius family packed up and moved to Florida, settling down in the quaint
neighborhood of Oakland Park. Born in Pennsylvania, Jaco was about to put Florida on the map of
modern jazz globally. Over the following years Jaco would be heavily influenced by the wide variety
of music styles that were unique to the South Florida area. With its multicultural demographics, a
progressive music department at the University of Miami, miles of beach resorts, and its international
cruise ship industry, the southern tip of Florida was constantly alive with the sounds of jazz, rock,
R&B, country, reggae, Latin, and calypso. And it’s from within this diverse musical environment that
Jaco would develop his singular style. Over time, Jaco expanded his budding ideas into full-fledged
works of complex orchestrations ultimately creating a rich body of work that would stand the test
of time.
During his youth Jaco would exhibit endless amounts of energy, practicing by day
while gigging or venturing out into obscure areas of town to jam by night. Totally
dedicated to music, Jaco quickly became known for a strong and healthy work
ethic that he would maintain all the way up through his startling appearance onto
the international music scene in 1976. However, by 1979 Jaco began experiencing
unusual mood swings and displaying erratic behavior presumably triggered by the
use of drugs and alcohol. Continuing over the years, the misguided notion that
alcohol and drugs were responsible for Jaco’s behavior was only masking the much
deeper psychological problems that would eventually lead to his untimely death
at the young age of 35.
But during the 1970s and ‘80s Jaco Pastorius brought an aura of rock & roll
celebrity to an otherwise studious genre evoking the heyday of Dizzy Gillespie
and Charlie Parker. Along the way, with effortless speed, lyrical articulation, and
his revolutionary fretless and harmonic styling, Jaco single-handedly transformed
the electric bass guitar, doing

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