Jaco Pastorius Fender

Jaco this handle in 62 Fender Jazz Bass has recorded several Jaco and classic recordings of the Weather Report. In Jaco died in 1986, has been lost, after last month’s finally back in the United States New York, believe you will be surprised that handle Bass, so like new? Because this handle Bass in the mid – 80 – s by serious damage, and break into 15. Finally by „Éč craftsmen Kevin Kaurfman Hamilton whole handle together with Jim piano reorganization, and then in the body and neck with wood and paint again.Jaco lived hard and played hard, and his bass paid for it. But despite consistent and brutal abuse (he was rumored to drag the thing around with no case), his trusty Jazz Bass still delivered that inimitable Jaco sound. Aside from a perfect new fingerboard, this is a faithful re-creation, right down to the peeling paint and screw holes from a previous pickup. Select alder body, special shaped maple neck, epoxy-coated fretless rosewood fingerboard, and replacement P Bass control knobs. Hardshell Fender case included.

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