Pastorius Bass

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo has long regarded Jaco Pastorius as his personal hero. During his early days of writing bass lines and riffs with former bands like Infectious Grooves, thoughts of Pastorius inspired his every move. And it wasn’t just his dexterous bass playing either; Trujillo also admired Pastorius’ fearless attitude.

“Jaco wasn’t just a tremendous player and an innovator of the instrument,” says Trujillo. “He had incredible stage presence and a fearless, anything-goes attitude. He was also a brilliant composer. He was so musical and well rounded — and whether it was utilizing aspects of harmonics, distortion or bringing Hendrix into the flow, Jaco always kept it really, really, heavy on the swing end. I think what separates him from a lot of the other super badass bass players was his groove.”

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