Jaco Pastorius Bass Method Ray Peterson


Thanks Ray, I too studied with Jaco at DCI and new his Dad pretty good. I wish you all the best with the method. Hopefully the young boys will get the message to learn the theory that it takes to master the electric bass instead of cluing themselves to YouTube. I have recently wrote and published my “Basic Theory for Electric” book that features the same fingerings (1-2or3-4) spanning over 5 frets on one string, that can be found on my site. I’ve been using these fingerings for 25+ years and find it most valuable for me and all my students. Most of the material covering the Diatonic, Harmonic and Jazz Melodic Minor systems on my site are based on the 1-2or3- 4 fingerings. Please check it out when you can. By the way this is Not a sales pitch. All the best to you!!!!!!!

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