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The Jaco Pastorius Bass Method was written by Ray Peterson, a student of Jaco’s. This book covers what Ray learned over the course of his lessons with Jaco. The book has the focus on intermediate players with plenty of material for advanced players as well. Written in both tablature and notation, this book is bound to keep you busy for quite some time.

Chapter 1 and 2 cover basic technique and theory. Chapter 3 covers harmonic elements to include triads, diatonic triads, and then progressing through the triads in root position, first and second inversion in, of course a chordal triad progression, i.e., C-Dm-Em, etc. The interesting part of this chapter is combining the triad progressions with tritone relationships. Chapter 3 also covers the family of Major, Minor, and Dominant Seventh Chords. Chapter 4 covers scales, modes, diatonic intervals, melodic sequences, and turnarounds. Chapter 5 gets into rhythmic elements using quite a few of Jaco’s tunes as examples. Chapter 6 covers soloing elements, again using some of Jaco’s tunes, with an analysis presented before each tune. Chapter 7, well, that is just food for thought, and chapter 8 is appropriately titled the Sketchbook, which has 2 pages of excerpts from Jaco’s practice book.

A CD is included with the book for quite a few of the exercises. Tunes in the book include Teen Town, A Portrait of Tracy, Donna lee, and many other popular Jaco tunes.

The book and CD together retail for $19.99, which is a great deal, considering the amount of knowledge in this book written by one of Jaco’s students. ?

The Jaco Pastorius Bass Method is published by Hal Leonard and is available from your local music store or online at Music Dispatch.

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