Jaco Pastorius Jazz Bass

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Widely regarded as the greatest electric bass player in the world, Jaco Pastorius redefined the voice of the instrument and the Jaco Pastorius Jazz Bass, merging the worlds of R & amp; B, rock, jazz, classical music and Carribbean and reshape the musical landscape with his dazzling play and a visionary approach. And he did it all with a Jazz Bass. His voice and unique signature sound came from his mind, his heart, his hands and his sunburst fretless Jazz Bass, recreated here with unmistakable look, tone and feel like Jaco Pastorius Jazz Bass.

Jaco Pastorius Jazz BassĀ button is fa Oned from pau ferro, a tonewood South American sensations and sound qualities similar to rosewood, and coated with urethane for a durable performance. There is a touch of “slab” (meaning a flat seal with the maple neck pleased t a curve attached) with a vintage style 7.25 “radius and 20 freight line white markers inlaid. The full, pure and powerful of Jaco Pastorius fretless Jazz Bass has a pair of American Vintage single-coil Jazz Bass.

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