Jaco Pastorius Jazz Bass Signature

A few years ago, I was at Chuck Levin’s Washington Music, trying out new amps. The salesman was very helpful, and asked a lot of questions about what I play, what I’m looking for, etc. When I told him that I play a fretless Fender Jass, he brought me the Jaco model. Was it nice? Yes. Did it feel familiar? Yes. Was it worth the price? Not to me. As a player, not a collector, I could get nicer, more productive gear for less cost. Much less. MY ’71 J, quite “customized” and just as beat up, was only $450 when I bought it. Now, if I were in the market for another 4-string Jazz, I would definitely consider one of the other models he brought me to test: the Noel Redding model. THAT was probably the best playing and sounding Jazz I have ever played. And it was only $700-800 at the time. Sure, it was made in Japan, not the US; but some would say that’s actually a plus.

For $3k you could have equally functionable gear custom made; or several non-custom models. Just my opinion; but I’ve found it to be a good one.

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