Jaco Pastorius Modern Electric Bass Instructional

It’s great to see that this important historical document of Jaco Pastorius is now preserved on DVD. The video quality in my opinion could have been cleaned up/sharpened a little bit better, but this is a minor issue. The sound quality is noticeably clearer. This, combined with the random-access ability to go to any section or example make this a great over-all package. It’s truly inspirational to watch, and a great learning tool as well. While not exactly for the absolute beginner, it does cover some of the more “basic” elements of playing. I would still encourage any beginner to check this out, as it will definitely keep you inspired! It’s pretty much essential viewing for any bass player – or musician for that matter. It’s NOT a video of gimmicks, licks, or tricks (and believe me, I’ve seen enough of those). It’s a video about music and possibilities, and THAT’S what it’s all about folks. You won’t get any “secret short-cuts” or “speed techniques”, but what you WILL get is sound, practical, insightful KNOWLEDGE from a true musician and master of his chosen instrument. This video still inspires me after years of viewing the VHS edition. It’s great that Warner saw the true value in converting this to digital for future generations to see.

Now for the complaints: If any, I would say that the bonus materials are of no value whatsoever. There is a separate short slapping lesson included (not from Jaco of course), that I feel cheapens the true essence of the video, but hey, you don’t have to watch this portion if you don’t want to! Also, the biography section is weak in not too in-depth. The last bonus section that is supposed to explain a little bit about Jaco’s equipment and set-up is nothing more than an advertisement for Fender Jaco re-issue basses – not really too insightful.

In summary, this is an important release both for its historical and educational value. It is true to the orginal VHS release. I’m glad to see the Jaco video has gone digital – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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