Jaco Pastorius Bass

“Jaco Pastorius is a meteor, shine flicker in the 70 s, 80 s tragic downfall. He used his original without electric bass, with amazing technique and fantasy of music melody, make the bass from the instrument in a band in a subsidiary position, walk at the forefront of the stage, let people feel from the bass music charm for the first time. Not only is he a jazz musician with a fancy playing style, is a collection of composition, orchestration, and production in one of three genius. He and another musician Stanley Clarke can be referred to as the 70 s when the bass play areas affect the biggest bassist.

Jaco’s character always informal, odd, even on the music, too, for him, nothing must follow theories and articles of association. When he was in a practice, suddenly feel on the fingerboard is ground very old silk are out of the way, always make awful sound. In unbearable situation, the genius of man has grabbed a pair of pliers, wire will bass refers to the board on the product all pulled down, and then coated with epoxy resin, and then began to play the peacefully without product electric bass. Jaco innovation under the spur of the moment, unexpectedly accidentally created the bass performance of a new era. No product bass sounds smooth, beautiful, like a tuba, very suitable for melody. That is in keeping with the Jaco will, he not only do a bassist, holding the rhythm he wants make bass can lead the melody of the tonic instrument.

In 73, Jaco bass in Miami university as a part-time teacher, his students in the later than accomplished Mark Egan, Frank Gravas, and Hiram Bullock. In the year of 74 the beginning of his glory, he and his Little Beaver recorded blues album “Party” Down “, and then with another striking Fusion of rookie Pat Metheny cooperation recorded a jazz album. In 75, he continued to Pat Metheny cooperation, recording Pat Metheny’s classic album “Bright Size Life”, in the same year records his own albums “Jaco Pastorius’, and one of the most popular at the time the band of the Weather Report for the invitation, to participate in their album” Black Market “of the recording. In 76, Jaco, formally joined the Weather Report bands, until 81. Weather Report band keyboard player Joe Zawinul and saxophonist Wayne Shorter Miles Davis jazz masters have worked with before, also is the combination of the top. Jaco bass tone to the band features, gradually has become an important part of the band. Outside in the Weather Report, he has worked with many musicians or recording performances, such as Joni Mitchell, Bireli Lagrene, etc. In 80, Jaco records his own albums in their hometown “Word of expressions using”, this is a very innovative album, music covers a wide variety of styles of jazz. Since then, he escaped from the Weather Report, since the group was called the Word of the expressions using jazz big band, tour in China. In 83, warner bros. released “Invitation”, a guitarist Jaco and Fusion Mike Stern performance live album in Japan.

In Jaco died for a year or two, people almost forgot about this great bassist’s name. After the news of his death spread, however, it is surprised to recall the bass hero and his achievements in music, Miles Davis even wrote a song commemorate Jaco Pastorius. Mr. “. However for Jaco, people care about is too late.

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