Jaco Pastorius Bass

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Jaco Pastorius Bass has long been considered one of, if not the, most influential bassist of all time and is METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo personal hero. So during a telephone conversation surprise that the legendary “Bass of Doom” Jaco had resurfaced after disappearing for over twenty years, but was tied up in a legal battle ugly, Robert instinctively offered to assist the Pastorius family in its recovery.

There Jaco Pastorius Bass was an ongoing legal situation at the time. Jaco Pastorius Bass is well established now, but the family was really stressed about it. famous Fender Jazz Jaco, who had disappeared for 20 years, was in the hands of a collector in New York. It is doubtful that Jaco had sold his bass for drugs or anything. It was open to interpretation. Our feelings were that it had been taken at Jaco was homeless in the park in New York. It had been broken. in, like, 50 pieces I saw the pictures the madness sent Jaco bass to Florida to low tech Kevin Kaufman, who rebuilt Jaco got the low back and he was then taken He made a recording with Mike Stern before it happened. So Kevin came to New York, Jaco Pastorius Bass has authenticated the instrument and that was where the problems started, because obviously the family wanted the lower back, but the guy would not give it up. I sponsored the money to get the low back.

Jaco Pastorius Bass was important for me to help the situation, so we had low back, I’m its legal owner, but I. made a point of ensuring that any decision about the instrument has to go through the family.

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