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The Fender Pastorius fretless electric bass preserves the memory of legendary Jaco Pastorius, a beacon for generations of aspiring bass players who bridged the gaps between R&B, rock, jazz, classical, and Caribbean musics. He changed the musical world of bass guitar with his uncanny gifts and visionary approach to the instrument. And he did it with one fundamental tool—a Fender Jazz Bass. Fender has re-created Jaco’s well-played Jazz Fretless in painstaking detail, so you can enjoy a special connection with this great artist.

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As reviewed by Luke on 5/9/2011I bought this bass about a year ago (not from Guitar Center) and figured I’ve spent enough time with it to submit a review and try to help out anyone else who might be on the fence. First of all, I want to say that this is a WAY better choice than the Jaco Replica bass. I have played both and can say that the only real difference is the fact that the Replica is already beat up for you. This bass is shipped to you clean as a whistle and looking absolutely beautiful. My advice, start with a blank…

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