Fender Jaco Bass

Hope you can help me find the bass of my dreams… About 4 yrs ago I played a Fender Jaco fretted jazz bass at my local store – I had seen it high up on the wall for a couple of years and took it to be the usual Jaco fretless – this particular day it was right by the check out (as it wasn’t selling!) so I could see then it was a fretted Jaco. It looked amazing and I HAD to play it. Well this has been the best bass I’ve ever played in my life! The tone and the quality of the construction was second to none. It was just full of mojo, so easy to play and was a world away from my MIA jazz (which is a nice bass) and made me play things I can’t on my own jazz. It wasn’t a custom shop model as it wasn’t “reliced” and had the Jaco signature neck plate so it must have been an artist model. The sunburst finish was top-notch as well.
Anyways it was out of my price range at that time but when I actually raised the funds, it was gone. It has spoilt bass guitar playing in a way coz that was the sound and feel I always hankered for.
Now I rang up Fender U.K. and asked them if I could order one through them and the guy there said Fender had never made a fretted Jaco! He wouldn’t have it at all.
I know They are out there somewhere ‘coz there’s a couple of reviews on harmony central (each person on it had the same reaction I did) and I saw one on ebay-Austrialia but it had gone too (old ad). I have thought about buying a fretless Jaco and getting it fretted (Seems a silly idea as I’d have a fretted bass with an epoxied fretboard. Why not just get a fretless and keep it that way? Well I play upright bass and don’t need or want a fretless B.G.) Also I might add, I don’t care about sounding like Jaco (wouldn’t even attempt it!).

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