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Jaco Pastorius – The World ‘s Greatest Bass Player”phrases, He rich keenly feel, superb playing skills, not only for BASS in the orchestra ushered in a new position, replace it erected a new milestone, when they marveled at his, but also because of his death, left infinite memorial and sigh.

Jaco Pastorius was born on December 1, 1951, was born in Pennsylvania, moved to Florida, at age seven, as a drummer, the father after his hours are often encouraged him in music career and teen Jaco because of his talent, will drums, BASS, guitar, piano and saxophone, Musical Instruments, but at that time, he chose the drum, at the age of 13 in the Sonics band drummer the identity of the group, 15 years old to join LasOlas Brass, do some best-selling pop at that time; During a sports injury, and his left wrist injury, The orchestra will also find a skill than he is a good drummer to fill it, so he began to play BASS, Jaco only 16 years old at that time, after a year of learning, Jaco, 17, has been recognized as The best BASS Player in above states, 18 years old birthday, his claim to be “The World ‘s Greatest BASS Player”, now, this sentence not only become synonymous with he, also be The World.

1972 is a harvest year for Jaco, in addition to the row of full performances every night, his unique way of “creative overplaying” play, and sometimes like a guitar solo, and sometimes play harmonies, and sometimes playing the melody, let he began to get people’s attention.

He often performed by ship at that time, when the ship is in port, he joined the local reggae band improvisation, the mixed Latin and Caribbean rhythms of music deeply affects him, no matter in cooperation with the Weather Report later album, album or personal Word of expressions using, can be found that this type of rhythm.

Jaco in Miami university and Will study brief bass, Lee’s father, he is also to guide students in the school ensemble class play bass, such as Mark Egan is one of his students. In this period of time at the university of Miami, changed his life, he met the Weather Report of keyboard player Joe Zawinul and hand saxophone Wayne Shorter and the Weather Report in 1975, Black Market, he was invited as the guest musicians, in April 1976 was officially joined the Weather Report, Jaco Pastorius this name formally entered the world stage, in addition to the cooperation with the Weather Report, was also involved in other people’s album recording work, such as Pat Metheny, Joni Mitchell and Al Di Meola, etc.) , Jaco also launched personal first name album, the album in addition to the grammy award nominations, more rewritten the history of BASS community, has professional BASS player has agreed that the album is one of the most influential album.

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