Jaco Pastorius Bass Equipment

Trujillo is also impressed with its sound.

“It’s amazing,” says Trujillo. “The neck plays like butter. After nearly 50 years with all its trials and tribulations, the on-and off-stage adventures, it still speaks. It actually growls when you play it — the neck growls. It’s got a lot of kick to it, too, for a fretless. I’ve played it onstage already and it didn’t disappoint. It’s just such an amazing instrument.”

Although reportedly ecstatic when Kaufman returned the refurbished bass in such great condition, Pastorius would only have one more session with the instrument before it was stolen, using the infamous Bass of Doom to record “Mood Swings” with guitarist Mike Stern only days before its disappearance.

Despite offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to its return, Pastorius received no leads on the whereabouts of his beloved bass.

“I’m completely intrigued by where it’s been,” says Trujillo. “I don’t understand how this guy could have had it for such a long time and didn’t know it was Jaco’s bass. There are a lot of details that are missing, and I think the mystery of it makes it that much more fascinating. But it’s a very special instrument, and it’s back, and there’s reason to celebrate.”

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