Jaco Pastorius Birdland Bass

Bass Tablature for "Birdland"
    Jaco Pastorius with Weather Report
    Off the album, Heavy Weather

    I really liked the tab for this song as I found it on the BTA  
    I found a few notes that I had been playing wrong for years! However,  
    it was missing the coolest parts of the song! I have added the  
    beginning and (close to the) ending harmonic bass lines to this tab.  
    It will take some practice to be able to effectively mute the string  
    one half the length between the respective fret and the bridge while  
    simultaneously plucking the string (artificial harmonic), but the  
    resulting effect is really cool! Please note that when you repeat the  
    first part of the harmonic line you will need to mute and pluck the  
    string halfway between the original mute point and the bridge (sounds
    8va higher). Good luck!
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